Mindful Macrame workshops have been running since 2019 with more than 250 participants who have experienced the healing benefits and meditative effects of  this ancient practice.  For some time, I have had a vision, a dream to bring women together to craft, create, share stories, become present with themselves and spend time in nature using their hands. This is how Mindful Macrame was born...

I believe as a society we have lost touch with these ancient ways and have become focused on and at times evaluated by our ability to achieve as much as we can in as little time possible with no space left to engage with our creativity.  My intent is to ignite and awaken what is dormant, holding a safe space for women to reconnect with their creative souls and remember the importance of self care and nurturing and the intimate and connected relationship they have with their breath .

I incorporate meditation and breath work into my groups.

Macrame is a Mindful Art Practice that enables people to slow down, release their thoughts and reconnect with themselves. Breathing and knotting, rhythmic patterns drawing you into a meditative state.

I am a warm and engaging soul with a passion for teaching and caring for others. I provide a safe, supportive and nurturing space at my workshops that promotes grounding, relaxation, creativity, inspiration, connection and empowerment … Lets not forget FUN and LAUGHTER.

Looking for local activities, I came across Lilly's Mindful Macrame classes. Thinking, "everything old is new again", I went along to see what macrame was all about! In a lovely home studio/garden setting, a small group gathered to each create something new for themselves. Nervous to get it right, I stayed focused and along with the others quickly learned the knots, yet noticed at the same time a wonderful sense of calm settling over us. It was so uplifting to see all our fabulous creative pieces finished. Needless to say, I've now been to a number of Lilly's workshops and of course recommend you try it!

Beth Taylor

From the moment you walk into Lilly's home you feel calm and relaxed. You get mesmerised by the talented handmade fibre treats throughout her home. The beautiful gardens make a tranquil setting. Lilly is a beautiful soul and a passionate teacher. She makes it easy to follow her instructions and ensures no one is left behind. Girls gathering with a common interest to knot is such a magical treat. I would highly recommend a mindful macrame workshop. I am addicted …