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A supportive and nurturing space that promotes grounding, relaxation, creativity, inspiration, connection and empowerment 🙏🏻

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Our happy customers..

Had the absolute best morning at the feather workshop with a group of lovely women creating something I didn't think I could do. So relaxing and sedative while having so much fun and laughing. Lily has created the perfect atmosphere to spend a morning enjoying me time and creating such beautiful little pieces of art. Can't wait to do another workshop and next time take my daughter.

Julie Dawn

I had such a beautiful day creating this piece with Lilly in one of her Mindful Macrame workshops. I love the opening circle Lilly holds at the beginning grounding and connecting us to the piece we will create and the day ahead. The space Lilly holds for us is calming connected and fun. I will definitely be doing more workshops with Lilly in the future


I'm not one to participate in workshops but I had seen Mindful Macrame workshops advertised many times and the pieces always looked great and had heard so many good things about it around Lennox. I gave it a go and I am glad I did. The piece I made was stunning, the house and garden were beautiful and the food was delicious. Lily was a wonderful host and I will be doing many more.